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What Can I Do Before My Move To Help It Go Smoother?

Geat question!

Being organized is key! Use the following list to help you get ready for the big day.



Pre Moving Day Checklist

1. Purge & Organize

Have a garage sale and sell what you can. Give away or donate what you can't. Dump the rest!

Items you can't easily get rid of can be taken to your local waste facility. Need help moving your junk? Call a us at 416-900-6027 to come get it. Ask us about our junk removal services.



2. Call RoadRunners Moving & Storage

Once you have a good idea of what you'll be moving, give us a call at 416-900-6027 or send us a quick email at torontomovers@runtheroad.ca. Simply request an information package which we'll send you by email.

We can then schedule a visit to your home for a free estimate. After our visit, we'll send you a guaranteed quote for your move. Quick and easy!



3. Book Your Elevators

Once you've locked down a moving day, you'll want to reserve your elevator. Contact your buildings management as soon as possible to reserve the day you need.



4. Reserve Your Move Day!

If you have decided to use RoadRunners Moving & Storage for your move, GREAT!! Just make sure you call or email us to reserve your move day before someone else does :(



5. Get Packing Supplies

Order boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, and other packing supplies you'll need for your move. Use our handy list located here to make sure you get the right supplies for the job.



6. Get Packing!

Start with the things you rarely use but can't throw away. Items like your bicycle pump, or air mattress, out of season clothing, and extra pots and pans are a good place to start.

Once you've finished packing a box, make sure to label it clearly in BIG BOLD LETTERS with the location you'd like it to be place in your new home. Finally, designate an area that's out of your way to temporarily store the boxes you've finished packing.

For handy tips on how to pack your stuff the right way, click here.

Short on time? Want us to pack for you? No problem! We'll pack your entire home in less than a day. Call us at 416-900-6027 or email us at torontomovers@runtheroad.ca to get a free quote





Moving Day Checklist

 These tips will help your day with us go smooth as possible!


1. Pack an overnight bag

You'll need to have a few thing handy on move day. Pack the following things and keep them separated in a designated "DON'T MOVE" area.

a. Something to sleep in

b. Something to wear during the day

c. Something to shower with

d. Personal hygiene and beauty products like;

- Toothpaste / Toothbrush

- Hairbrush

- Deodorant

- Toilet Paper




2. Set aside and clearly mark items that should not be loaded onto the moving truck.


Things like your overnight bag, important documents, your jacket or other clothing you'll need that day, cable boxes or routers that need to be returned, items you may have sold with your house, etc...


Designate an area in your home and let us know "DONT TOUCH THESE THINGS!" and we'll say "okay! stop yelling."



3. Reserve a Parking Space for the Moving Truck


If we're not able to park in your driveway, you may want to reserve a few parking spaces in front of your house for us. This can be done a few ways. You can try the old "leave a few garbage bins outside trick' and hope for the best... you can recruit a

few friends to park their cars in front of your place for the day, or you can contact your city and reserve your parking spaces officially.

Only one rule applies when reserving parking spaces and it's "the closer the better!" The only other rule that applies is "make sure you reserve enough space!" Two car lengths for a small truck. Three for a big one.

Why is this important? The less time we need to spend walking to and from your home, the less it's going to cost you. Plain and simple.



4. Show us around the place.


When we arrive, give us a tour of your home. Let us know what you need moved and what you don't. This is also a great time to mention any particularly fragile items, or items you want taken special care of.

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