Here’s a detailed list of all the Garbage Dump Locations in Toronto and the GTA. Click an item on the map for contact information, hours, and details, about what exactly you can, and can’t throw away at each garbage dump location.


Here's Some Frequently Asked Questions About Garbage Dumps in Toronto


How do I dispose of light bulbs in Toronto?

Contrary to many online articles, The Home Depot no longer accepts compact fluorescent light bulbs and tubes for recycling in their stores. There are several good alternatives when recycling light bulbs and other household hazardous waste. Here are a few;

How do I dispose of electronics in Toronto?

How do you dispose of paint in Toronto?

Can I throw out empty paint cans?

Empty paint cans are recyclable and shouldn’t be thrown in the garbage. Please separate lid from can, and put both into your recycling bin. Paint cans still containing paint will need to be disposed of correctly.

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