TV Mounting

Need a T.V mounted? Not a problem! We're pros at mounting T.V's. We'll provide all the tools and hardware necessary for any T.V Installation. 

We'll even install your cable boxes, run your cables, and build your T.V stand if you want us to!



Just bought a bed from IKEA? Need help assembling the desk you bought from a friend? We got you!

Any Item, Anywhere, Anytime!
Expertly assembled at your convenience! 



Whatever you need hung, we'll do the hanging! Pictures, flower pots, mirrors, clocks, canoes... The list goes on and on. 

Our Damage Free Guarantee!!

In the unlikely event that we damage anything during a Handyman service, we will take full responsibility for all the associated costs involved in the repair of the damaged area or item as part of our Damage Free Guarantee! No questions asked!