Here are a few of the Moving services we offer in Scarborough

Bullet-List-Moving-Company-Toronto   Residential Moving


We provide Reliable Moving Services in Scarborough

Moving companies in Scarborough are a dime a dozen... At Roadrunners Moving & Storage, we do things a little differently.

First and foremost, we really care about providing our Scarborough customers with outstanding residential moving services. You’ll notice a difference from the moment we first meet, that we’re not your typical moving company in Scarborough. We’re personable We approach each service we provide by saying “how can we make this service as satisfying and cost effective for our customers as possible”.

First, we start by simplifying our contract with you.

There are no 100 page documents to read over, and you won’t need to sign your life away before you hire us. Every one of our moving services in Scarborough starts with a full disclosure of everything we charge for. It’s a one page PDF document that describes all of our fees in plain english There are never any hidden fees, or surprises, when it comes to RoadRunners Moving & Storage.

Secondly, we provide a completely free, no obligation estimate, with a guaranteed price!

There’s usually one major difference between a successful move and a terrible one, and that’s a free in home estimate. Every move comes with its own unique set of challenges for our movers to solve. Seeing your stuff in person before you move allows our professional Scarborough movers spot all the little details that make your move unique, and account for them well before they become potential problems. In-Home estimates are a very important step! Without it, movers would just be playing a guessing game with your stuff. Be wary of any moving company that won't provide you with one.


Let our Moving professionals Prove to You That we’re the best movers in Scarborough!


We’re offer more than just moving services In Scarborough!

In our continuing effort to better serve our customers, we’ve added a few more useful services to our roster. During your move in Scarborough, your likely to encounter a few unforeseen things that need doing around the house. That’s why we decided to expand our moving services to include thing like drywall repair, junk removal, and handyman services. Why bother with the hassle of vetting, and hiring a separate service provider. We can take care of pretty much all your household needs as a part of your move. Here our just some of the services we provide. Click an item below, for more details on how we can help you move in Scarborough!


Bullet-List-Moving-Company-Toronto   Condo Moving


We make moving into or out of a Condo in scarborough Simple with quality Moving Services you can trust!

Moving a condo or apartment in Scarborough is slightly different than moving a typical house.

The addition of an elevator presents a unique challenge for movers. Being able to properly manage the available elevator times is a crucial factor in a successful move. Luckily, we are experts at it! We have many years of experience dealing with property management, fellow tenants, and security official at condos and apartments in Scarborough, and can manage all the little nuances that moving in Scarborough presents. We’d be happy to offer you our expertise and friendly advice to help ensure your move within Scarborough goes flawlessly. Give our moving professionals a call or quick email with any questions you may have.

Choosing the right elevator time is a crucial step in your move!

There are many factors at play in a condo or apartment moving service that make it different than an average house move. Long walks to and from the elevator, sign in sheets, fob’s, foot traffic from other residents, loading docks, and security personnel, etc… None, however are quite as important as the elevator time you have reserved for your move. Book your elevator too early, and our movers won’t have enough time to load, and deliver your stuff. Book your elevator too late, and your movers will have to wait around for the elevator to become available; costing you money! All these differences need to be accounted for in order us to provide you with the best possible moving service available.

Why is getting an on-site estimate is so important?

Many Scarborough moving companies will pass on the opportunity to visit your home in person before your move. This is typical when your moving 2 bedrooms or less. They may feel that it’s not a big enough move for them to waste their time on. The problem with that is, no two moves are alike. Even if they are similar, there are so many little things that will make two comparable moves, vastly different over the course of the day. It is for that reason the we always highly recommend having us visit your condo or apartment building in person for a free evaluation. The information we get during an on-site appointment is invaluable to the success of your move.

Our professionals can make recommendations after an on-site evaluation to help make it a success!

One we’ve had the opportunity to see your stuff in person, we’ll have a much clearer idea of what we’ll need to make your condo or apartment moving service in Scarborough a world class experience. We’ll know exactly what tools and supplies we’ll need to bring, and will make recommendations to you regarding the appropriate elevator time slot to reserve. We will also provide you with a detailed estimate, outlining exactly what the charges will be for your move, and will guarantee that our estimate does not exceed our quote by more than 10%


Don’t settle for a less than perfect move! Let our condo moving Professionals show you why they’re the best!


Bullet-List-Moving-Company-Toronto   Storage Rentals


We offer Storage space in Scarborough.

Does your moving service in Scarborough require the use of a storage facility?

Don’t bother with the hassle of finding a seperate storage company for your move. We will handle all of your storage needs as part of your moving services. Our storage facility is conveniently located in the heart of Scarborough, at 1680 Midland Ave #5, Scarborough, ON M1P 3C2 and our professionals are available 7 days a week to serve you better. Whatever your specific storage needs may be, you can trust RoadRunners Moving & Storage to help take the guesswork out of choosing the right sized storage unit and storage facility.

Safety, convenience, security, and cleanliness is our storage facilities top priority.

There are only a few boxes our customers ask us to tick as their go-to storage providers. “Make sure my stuff stays clean, make sure it’s safe, and make sure it all comes back to me when I’m ready”. We understand that having your stuff protected from damage and theft is of the utmost importance. That’s why our storage facility features a comprehensive security system and is monitored around the clock with motion sensors and video surveillance. In addition, all of our storage lockers are indoor, and heated, to help ensure they are protected from freezing temperatures. To help with the cleanliness of your items, our lockers feature a completely closed design, minimizing dust and debri from settling on your stuff. Moreover, our friendly maintenance staff work hard to ensure our storage facility is kept clean at all times.

We provide everything needed to ensure your stuff stays clean, and protected from damage while in storage, for FREE!.

Atypical of average moving and storage companies, RoadRunners Moving & Storage provides you all the materials needed to keep your items safe and undamaged during their stay in our storage facility for FREE!. Items like moving blankets, shrink wrap, cardboard boxes, mattress bags, and more, are all provided to you with any one of our professional moving services at no cost to you,


Our SCARBOROUGH Movers Will make finding reliable Storage easy. It’s really as Simple as That!


Bullet-List-Moving-Company-Toronto   Packing Services


We’ll Get all of your packing done in a day! Your Welcome!

Packing is by far the most time consuming part of anyone’s move

Anyone who’s had the pleasure of moving houses before, know that packing is usually the most tedious part. Where do you start? What do you need? Why make your move more stressful than it needs to be. RoadRunners offers a simple solution to this problem; Sit back, and let our professional movers take care of the packing for you. With a simple call, we can get your entire Scarborough home or office packed and ready to move in a single day. We’ll handle all of your packing duties for you. Packing your stuff is super easy for our professionals, and we can usually get all of it done in less than day!

We offer simplified packing services in Scarborough, with all inclusive pricing for supplies and labour.

As with all our professional moving services in Scarborough, RoadRunners aims to make things as easy as possible for our customers. Our packing services are no different. We will assess what your service requires in person during an on-site consultation, after which we will provide you with a detailed estimate. Our estimates are guaranteed, easy to read, and describe in detail, all the costs involved in your packing services. Rest assured that you’ll know exactly what you’ll be paying, long before we ever pack a box.

We can provide all the packing materials for you at a great price!

Being a professional moving company has its perks. We have access a wide variety of packing supplies at a lower price the average consumer can find locally. A savings we like to pass on to our customers. With most of the packing services we provide, we give our customers flat rate pricing for the materials we need. No need to count boxes or materials during our service. We simply use supplies as we need. and charge the agreed upon price.


Let’s simplify your moving services in Scarborough!
You’re a call away from having your entire home packed in a day!


Bullet-List-Moving-Company-Toronto   Handyman Services


Our professional handymen can take care of your to do list!

We're an award winning Scarborough moving company first and foremost... But hey, We're Handymen too! 

As part of our ongoing quest to better serve our customers, we now provide TV mounting, furniture assembly, delivery, and small home repairs in Scarborough. We'll hang stuff, move stuff, assemble stuff, disassemble stuff, repair stuff, mount stuff, hook stuff up, break stuff down…Whatever you need, by the hour. Avoid the frustration and hassle of handyman duties!. We can take care of it all! The work we do is guaranteed and in most cases, we’re able to complete them for much less than other comparable handymen service providers in Scarborough. Our Handymen are dedicated to providing unmatched service, delivering top quality in everything we do. We’re not satisfied with our work until you are. Call us today for a free quote!

We can take care of your general home repairs and handyman duties, at a better price than most!

RoadRunners Moving & Storage is already one of the most comprehensive moving services available in Scarborough.! In an effort to serve you better, we can now take care of most of your general home care needs. Things like; hanging mirrors and pictures, custom shelving installations, screen door repairs, trim and crown molding installation, deck maintenance and power washing, drywall repairs, door locks, and child proofing treatments, and much more. In short, feel free to throw away your to-do list.

We stand behind the quality of our work and guarantee your 100% satisfaction

Enjoy some peace of mind knowing that if for whatever reason, you find yourself unhappy with the quality of our work, we will do whatever required to gain your full satisfaction. In addition, all of our work is protected by a 100% damage-free guarantee, and covers your home and it’s contents in the unlikely event that one of our professional handymen should damage something during a service. Look no further for the most reliable handyman services in Scarborough! Click an Item below to find out more.


Our Handymen can make your life easier! Give us a call today, and let us know how we can help you!


Bullet-List-Moving-Company-Toronto   Junk Removal


We provide a simple solution for Junk removal services in Scarborough!

If nothing else, moving provides us with an excellent opportunity to get rid of all our junk! 

If your going to be moving soon, and you have junk or clutter that you’d like to disappear, we’d be happy to help. When the moving company you hire, also happens to provide one of the best junk removal services in Scarborough, you now have the easiest, and most cost-efficient option available for your junk removal needs! Call us today for a free estimate.

Combining junk removal together with our moving services can make things way easier for you!

Life in the city of Toronto is busy enough as it is. Why go through the hassle of having to find a separate junk removal company? Why waste your time reading through their terms and conditions, understanding their contracts, and taking an extra day out of your schedule to accommodate them, when RoadRunners can take care of your all of your moving, storage, and junk removal needs on the same day. Skip all the extra paperwork and let us simplify your junk removal services in Scarborough.

Our junk removal staff also happens to be some of the best professional movers Scarborough has to offer!

To state the obvious; Junk removal companies are not professional movers. This fact becomes much more relevant if your junk removal service requires large items to be moved throughout your home. Don’t trust your walls and floors to just anybody. We have the know-how and professional movers available to complete any junk removal service without damaging your home. Flooring and carpet protection, along with heavy duty moving blankets are all included to ensure no damage to your property occurs.


We’re The simplest and most cost effective option for your moving, storage, and junk removal services in Scarborough!


Bullet-List-Moving-Company-Toronto   Office Moving


we’ll get your office moved within SCARBOROUGH the right way!

Whatever your individual office moving and storage needs may be, were happy to help.

Whether you need an extra set of hands to help move a few things around the office, or in the middle of a complete restructuring of your company, Our staff is available to help! Our office moving professionals are knowledgeable, and dedicated to making the transition to your new office space as seamless, and trouble-free as possible. We will work closely with you, and your team to customize an office moving plan that works for you and your businesses needs.

We provide after-hour services to ensure disruptions to your companies workflow are kept to a minimum.

We understand that relocating an office in Scarborough may seem like a daunting task. We can help ease your transition into your new office space by creating a plan that works around your companies busy schedule. In addition, we’re equipped to provide you with storage solutions, packing services, and office furniture assembly services to help ensure your business is back up and running sooner, rather than later.

We work closely with you to create a customized office moving plan that works for you and your businesses needs.

A successful office move begins with proper planning. It is important that we take the time to carefully consider exactly how your office move will be completed. Questions like, ”how will my current office furniture fit within our new office space” is a common and important question. Our team of office moving professional have the experience required to answer any questions you have.


Our Scarborough Movers are award winning! Let us show you why!


Bullet-List-Moving-Company-Toronto   Lawn Care



If your patio, lawn, or garden in need of some tender love and care, we can help! As part of our ongoing mission to find ways to better serve our customers, RoadRunners now offers lawn care and general maintenance for your front and back yards. From grass cutting, weed removal, and sod installation, to general spring cleanups, general maintenance, and power washing. We have the tools and know-how to get the job done right!


Make Your Next move with the Best Moving Company in Scarborough!



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If I could give them an 11, I would. 1st, they moved me into storage for a month in July. Then moved my partner to our new home in August and followed up by moving my stuff three days later. In all cases, they took great care to ensure nothing was damaged. They arrived on time and finished within the time they quoted. In fact on my first move, they completed it ahead of schedule and credited me the hour. If I ever move again, and I hope I don’t, Roadrunners gets my business. They made what for many can be a stressful situation, one that turned out smooth and stress-free.
— Craig Houston