3 Simple Steps Towards a Successful Residential Move with RoadRunners Moving & Storage!

Hiring a mover shouldn't be a chore. Moving shouldn't be chore either! It should be easy...and stress free! Fun even! That's the attitude RoadRunners has towards moving. It's why our customers love us and keep coming back with a 98% referral rate! It's why our moving services have become award winning and second to none, with a rating of 9.9 stars out of 10 on HomeStars! When you hire RoadRunners for a move, you can expect a simple and easy, fun filled moving day.... It's basically like a vacation,... with movers :) We've made the entire moving process as simplified for you as possible. Three easy steps will get you moving in the right direction for a damage free, stress free, residential moving experience. Guaranteed!


1. Get A Free Estimate for a Smooth Stress-Free Move

Getting an accurate estimate is the cornerstone of a great move! You can fill out a questionnaire here and we'll send you a detailed estimate of what a move like yours would typically cost you. For a more detailed estimate, click or call to schedule a visit to your home by one of our friendly professionals for a free evaluation. An on-site assessment only takes about 15 minutes to complete and is the absolute best way to ensure your move is smooth as possible!


2. We'll Find A Plan That Works For You,  & Send You A Guaranteed Estimate In Writing!

When it comes to moving, we like to be as flexible as possible and accommodate your move, your way! Whether your move is big or small, needs short term or long term storage, requires several trucks, or any other variable, no problem, we can help! We'll work together with you to make a plan that is simple and easy. Once we have a plan, we'll email you an estimate that's easy to read and explains every important detail of your move. All of our pricing and any applicable fees for your move will be clearly labeled and outlined for you. No hidden fees or funny business. 


3. Relax! It's Your Move Day! We Got You!

When we arrive on move day, we'll take special care to fully protect your home from damage. Flooring, railing, and wall protection are included in every move for free. After we take a quick and thorough walkthrough of your home with you, making note of any special items or items not to be moved etc... we'll get to work preparing everything for safe transport; Meaning items are carefully disassembled, wrapped, boxed, blanketed, or bagged for protection, then expertly loaded into our truck and secured. At your new home, we'll take the same special care to protect your home from damage before we begin unloading our truck. Once our truck is empty and everything you own is exactly where you want it, we'll cleanup and be on our way. 

The work went very smoothly with a team who knew exactly what needed doing. I was very impressed with the professional attitude and efficiency of the operation. The six workers were very polite and appreciative of the snacks provided and they worked well as a team quietly and efficiently, and always available to answer any questions or concerns. The packing went smoothly and the delivery and set up was equally smooth. I most sincerely recommend RoadRunners Moving and Storage
— N.C.S. in Toronto via HomeStars - November 11th, 2017


Our 100% Damage Free Guarantee!

We care a great deal about your stuff!  Scratches, dings, dents, and broken furniture are unacceptable in our award winning services. When you hire RoadRunners Moving & Storage for any one of our services, you get the moving industry's ONLY Damage Free Guarantee! Unlike other moving company's inadequate basic insurance, we provide you a comprehensive, no fuss, no deductible insurance plan FOR FREE! You can relax knowing that we'll take responsibility for the cost to replace or repair any damaged item. No questions asked!


Have a Question About a Residential Move? Give us a call at 416-900-6027